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The summer of 2014 was ripe with conflicting internal debates between a thoughtful cricket and an impulsive conscious. During one particularly taxing dispute between the two, notes were taken...


...am i the effervescent,
keyser soze or the hyde-like kint?
vibrant yellow or the dying wispy dandelion?
the grasping for the top of maslow’s hierarchy of needs,
self-actualization’s looking more like a pyramid scheme.

confidence is a fragile accomplice in the contradictions i detect,
walking down a dead strip mall with one living building left.
it was a funeral home with a sign post-mounted, digital display,
for those with a pulse of the current time and date.

it was a time-quake, feeling in love with the only girl i’ve ever dated,
as we sat and compensated for the past half decade.
but my lips were guilty from the broken down collagen,
caused by the siren of the titan i had spent last night with.
so i lent her my vonnegut first edition make another catch-up an obligation.

and my dad’s at home trying to save piggy sneed,
who took the form of the man who taught me high school history.
at a catholic school i didn’t visit since i got my graduation prints,
debated if i had if it have made a difference.
crooks said, ‘you get lonely, you get sick.’…and he got sick.

there are angels in the outfield using halos as their gloves,
mistakenly rejoicing in the wrong sport ‘hole-in-one!’
and as the baseball dropped, it dribbled, and it bowled on the warning track,
there came a call to action from a helpless cut-off man.

i bought a thrift store organ with a short four octave sprawl,
and a dumb middle c the improvising that it caused.
they're only so many mountain goats tracks without the c-g fifth,
after some white-key fumbles a-e it was an on side fit.
so i sing songs of tetrapods and going to georgia with jasmine on my tongue.


released November 1, 2015
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Diego Medina at the Old Confidence Lodge. Tracked March 2015

Daniel Walker: Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Evan Matthews: Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Choir Vocals

Neal Reid: Keys, Saxophone, and Choir Vocals

David Archibald: Choir Vocals

Laura Jean Fraser: Choir Vocals



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Owen Meany's Batting Stance Halifax, Nova Scotia

Engaged, electrically charged acoustic guitar, teeming with emotive energy rounded by percussion and bass. As Owen Meany's Batting Stance, each performance is a contract to burst the bubble between audience and performer through relatable, punching songs. Lyrically oriented, using songs to cradle narratives with conventional chords and unconventional structure. ... more

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